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Cushion Re-padding .Welcome to  Sofa Repair  Ireland . We repair sofas & chairs in YOUR HOME including Fixing Recliners Electrical and Manual.  The leading mobile upholstery  repair service in   Ireland. Trusted by Retailers Manufacturers and insurance companies for after sales care & repair. From our smart tech Sofa Repair van we can repair all leather Chairs and fabric sofas no matter what the problem in your home. Be it Pet Leather Sofa  damage,Ieather Scuffs,Tears, broken chair seat Springs,Creaking &broken  Sofa frames,Sinking Sofa  Seats, Flat  Chair Cushions, Sofa Sewing & Re-Stitching. LeatherRe-Colouring a broken recliner Chair and much more.
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A trusted family Business with over forty years experience    
For Advise and a phone estimate on at home sofa repair. call    02867722318  or 07760986400                                
                            SOFA PROBLEMS WE CAN REPAIR IN YOUR HOME
All Leather Repairs.     Fabric Repairs   Frame Repairs

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 Recliner actions electrical and manual. Repairs at Home
 Recliner seat springs Fixed Lazy Boy Parkernoll Sherbourne                       

Re-upholstered Sofa by upholstery Ireland  We take great pride in our craftsmanship.All our materials and fillings are of the highest quality and conform to the strict  safety regulations...02867722318  or click
Leather Suite Cleaning Ireland.Our technicians are vastly experienced in leather repair and restoration so part of this is deep cleaning of Leather furniture and car seat leather.
How we do this.
First we determine the type of leather you have then we select from our range of leather restoration care products the ideal leather cleaners and conditioners to bring your leather furniture back to tip top condition.
 Your leather sofa or car seat is first shampooed with a light leather cleaner, this is done with soft clean white clothes gently as much to test the leather and its condition . 
Now we pick up the pace and  the areas of deep dirt mostly the hand rests head rests and seats will have a second stronger deeper clean ensuring all dirt is removed from the leather.
We are not done yet. Now we apply a leather degreasent to make sure all those body and hair preparation oils are removed from the leather so as not to affect the leather in the future . 
Almost there. Now we do a last soft gentle clean at this point the leather is feeling nice and soft and supple all it needs now is the finale flourish .
Now we are happy with our clean and  we gently apply by rubbing in with a soft lint free cloth a specially formulated  protective leather conditioner to nourish and rejuvinate the leather making it smell and feel like new....07760986400 or click
We at SMART SOFA UPHOLSTERY REPAIRS have been re-covering and repairing furniture for pubs, clubs, and restaurants for many years we have the best technicians with the latest technology in the business and all our work is gauranteed. Call  02867722318  or send us an email  detailing the work required from a full re-cover to a small rip or tear.     WE COME TO YOU HOTEL  BAR SEATING UK & IRELAND          OVER FORTY YEARS EXPERIENCE Leather Repair Ireland Recliner Chair Repair Ireland Foam Cushions Ireland Sinking Seats Ireland Furniture Fix Ireland Repair Sofa Ireland Foam cut to size Ireland Leather Sofa Repair Ireland sofarepairs uk sofarepairsIreland Gaurdsman Home Services
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