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Welcome to Smart Sofa Repair   THE HOME of GREAT upholstery   repair service. For over forty years we have  been the best at repairing upholstery in Homes throughout the UK &North of Ireland making our customers more comfortable, satisfied and saving them 02867722318 NOW
Before Smart Leather RepairCall us now or fill in the reply form on the next page for advise and estimate for the following Leather & Fabric  Upholstery Repairs in your area. Or click here Please see the list of Smart upholstery repairs that will save you money below.....PHONE.....07760986400
After compare this to the before this repaired leather looks like newYour Sofa In Time For Easter
Compare the before and after repair to the Green leather tub in the two photos it looks and feels like new. Why buy new when we can do the same for you at such low cost. Phone Now....07760986400
                                                                    SOFA PROBLEMS WE CAN REPAIR IN YOUR HOME
Leather repair technician working on leather sofa in workshopLeather Repair,     repair
Re-upholstery      Leather Cleaning
Sagging Seats      Loose Leather
Frame repair       New Cushions
Foam & Fibre      Rips & Tears
Cuts & Scuffs      Springs & Webbing
Faded Leather     Re-colouring
 Scuffs, Scratch repairs, Sun damage, Panel replacement, burns,
 Split leather repairs, Stains removed, Holes repaired, Cracking Leather repairs. Re-upholstered...07760986400
 Seam re-stitching on Leather and Fabric. &
 Reupholstery. Our upholsterers are among the best crafts men in the Country with a vast amount of experience in both contemporary and antique upholstery. We take great pride in our craftsmanship.All our materials and fillings are of the highest quality and conform to the strict UK safety regulations...07760986400 or click
Leather Cleaning..Our technicians are vastly experienced repair and all so light and deep cleaning of furniture and car leather. Your leather is first shampooed with a light cleaner, then the areas of deep dirt will have a second deeper clean ensuring all dirt is removed. When we are happy with the clean we apply a protective conditioner to nourish the leather making it smell and feel like new....07760986400
Sofa Repair.. Feet& castors replaced. Backs and seats re-padded.
Broken rails repaired/replaced. Seat webbing replaced. Dismantle and reassembly service. Foam replaced. 07760986400
 UK sofa repair
We at SMART SOFA REPAIRS have been re-covering and repairing furniture for pubs, clubs, and restaurants for many years we have the best technicians with the latest technology in the business and all our work is gauranteed. Call  07760986400  or send us an email  detailing the work required from a full re-cover to a small rip or tear.     WE COME TO YOU             OVER FORTY YEARS EXPERIENCE
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